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Hello all!

I am currently searching for an artist to create a portrait of one of my OC characters. The painting would include my female character dressed as a soldier (in an outfit similar to these styles) and a simple background. Iím looking for someone who could draw/paint in the style of Thomas Gainsborough (example) and Joshua Reynolds (example). Realism is important for this project, so I am not looking for my character to be styled in an anime/manga fashion. The fee for this picture would be roughly $75 USD, although I am willing to negotiate for a slightly higher price if necessary. Please post with a link to your gallery so I might see your previous projects. If any further information is needed, feel free to let me know and I will fill you in as best as I can. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Currently NaNoWriMoing. Is anyway else out there doing the same this month?
Duncan--First Sculpture by celticbard76
Duncan--First Sculpture

This is my first time sculpting a horse. Heck, it’s one of my first times sculpting ever. (Unless you count my experiments with play-doh when I was in kindergarten, haha.) I’m mostly a cosplayer, but after finishing up a costuming project that involved some polymer clay, I took my extra clay and started to work with it. For some reason, I found the process to be extremely calming and therapeutic. Having a strong connection with horses (I owned a few when a I was little) I created Duncan here. I don’t know if I did a good job or a bad job, not being accustomed to sculpting, but I very much enjoyed the process and would like to continue working with clay. Any comments, suggestions and/or constructive criticism would be extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to look at my piece.

Little Fox by celticbard76
Little Fox
I'm definitely NOT an artist and I've NEVER sculpted anything in my life (except for this pig I had to make for a college art class ages ago), but I was bored one day and had some leftover Sculpey from a cosplay project and I love foxes, so this little guy was born. I haven't finished painting him yet, but I thought I'd post a pic of him anyway. For some reason, I found the sculpting process to be very relaxing, almost meditative. Maybe I should name him Zen, eh? Haha. 
Chapter Four

He looked much the same, Sigyn thought. This supposed husband of hers. His shadowy hair had grown longer and hung like frayed thread around his collar. He might have been leaner, too. Paler. Gaunt. The skin around his mouth was pulled taut, creased by two tense lines on either side of his lips that gave him an earnest air. But his eyes, fierce and feverish, paired with his quick, cutting smile hinted at something much deeper. Something much darker. Something that was beginning to frighten her…

Sigyn squirmed under Loki’s gaze. She couldn’t say why, but she kept one hand around the shaft of her axe. Vaguely, she wondered where Grane had run off to after their tumble down the slope. Perhaps she wouldn’t be able to find him. Perhaps he was gone for good, like so many other cherished lives that had been lost to her over the long, desolate years of her exile.

But her pessimism seemed misplaced. If there was ever a time that she might doubt herself, Sigyn reasoned, it would be this moment. It would be now, when faced with the simple impossibility of Loki himself, this supposed husband of hers, this dead man…

“Who are you?” she asked. Clotted blood had filled the passages of her broken nose and dried in the little cleft of flesh above her lip. When she exhaled, her breath whistled through her nostrils like a broken flute.

Loki laughed at her, as if he were amused by the dumb, battered beast his wife had become.

A hastily made fire nibbled at the few logs set between them. The low, lingering flames had already melted some of the snow and beneath, there was a trace of sooty earth. Sigyn sat close to the fire, shivering in the cold of the forest. There was a strange incense on the air, which, try as she might, she could not name. The canopy of trees blocked the meager starlight. It was dark enough that she could only see the toes of Loki’s boots and a flash of his face when he looked directly into the flames.

“You do not recognize me?” Loki replied with an air of reproof. “Your own husband--”

“Dead,” Sigyn interrupted.

“A mere assumption-”

“Fallen from the bridge,” she persisted.

“Fallen or thrown?” Loki asked.

Sigyn lifted her chin defiantly. She forced herself to face him, her supposed husband. “Thor let him go,” she said.

Loki tilted his head to the side, the expression of mirth falling from his face, melting with the snow and mud at their feet. “I let go.”

Silence. The forest was empty and still and there was no wind to stir the trees. A new fear dripped its poison into Sigyn’s heart. For not the first time, she wondered if she had come to a haunted place. A place where the laws of the world had been bent to someone else’s will.


A log snapped, the sound like a whip crack. Sigyn started at the noise, much to her chagrin. Loki’s calm taunted her. Mocked her. She knew then, with shame burning in the back of her throat, that her courage was not what she imagined it to be. But this shade, this supposed husband, could never know that.

“Thor brought me the news only yesterday,” she said. “He told me that I was a widow. He invited me to Asgard to mourn my husband properly. It would have been cathartic, I suppose. The exiled wife welcomed back into the fold.”

“Why do you trust my brother’s word over mine?” Loki asked. “Or have I misjudged your loyalty?”

Sigyn’s fingers tightened around the shaft of the axe. “I can only be so loyal to the dead,” she said.

Again, Loki laughed, bending at the waist and leaning close over the tongues of flame so that the heat from the fire took the deathly pallor from his skin and brought some blood into his cheeks. But it was his body that throbbed with a fierce, incessant energy. Sigyn felt the sensation wash over her. The magic Loki exuded was stronger than she had ever felt from an Asgardian, both exotic and enticing. Terrifying.

And the strange scent, that smell, she realized now that it was coming from him…

She wanted to recoil from him, this entity, this supposed husband, who was familiar yet distant. It took what strength she had to hold her ground, sitting cross-legged with the blade of her axe resting on her knee just so it would catch the light of the fire and reflect back on Loki…or this stranger pantomiming his art, his voice, the quick, star-glimmer of his smile.

“You are not Loki,” Sigyn muttered at last. “Or if you are him, you’ve been changed.”

“It is reassuring to see that your long exile hasn’t robbed you of your cleverness,” he said. “Though maybe you have not grown cunning, only shrewder?”

“I do not have the mind, nor the stomach for any riddles,” Sigyn said bluntly. “I was told that you were gone.”

“Gone, yes.” Loki straightened. “Away from Odin, the old charlatan. A Frost Giant has no place in Asgard. Nor will I return to Jotunheim. It is all too meager for my purposes. For our purposes, I should say, if your loyalty holds true. As it stands, Sigyn, I only came back to the Nine Realms for you.”

Did she dare she believe him? Sigyn took her eyes away from Loki and looked at the puddle of melted snow by her feet. With time wearing on, her adrenalien had begun to fade and her body had started registering the very real pain that plagued her battered face. Even the wolf’s tooth had left its mark in the palm of her hand, a flimsy scab closing over the wound that still bled when she flexed her fingers.

Sigyn tried to take a deep breath in through her mouth. She was not immune to Loki’s charm. She never had been. But until now, Sigyn had never really considered her love for him as a weakness. Perhaps that had been her mistake, or at least one mistake of many.

With the tip of her tongue, she wet the edge of her dry lips. “You might have come sooner.”

“If Odin had let me--”

“Has it taken you so long to find the courage to defy him?” Sigyn pronounced each word carefully. It was like driving the tip of spear into soft, giving flesh. The satisfaction gained from the act was purely primal.

Loki’s mouth twitched, as if he had tasted something not to his liking. “You feel that I abandoned you?”

Sigyn said nothing, although it was difficult to remain silent and still look him in the eye. “This is madness,” she said at length, thrusting herself to her feet and testing her weight on her stiffened legs. “This isn’t real. I’m talking to shadows.”

“Was I only a shadow in your life then?” Loki pressed. He had come around the fire, closing the space between them in one fluid movement.

Sigyn stood still, realizing, all of a sudden, that she couldn’t put her back to him. “Ghost or shadow,” she muttered, “what can it possibly matter now? If you are truly Loki, then you wouldn’t have returned for me, your ill-matched bride.”

“The girl from Vanaheim,” he replied, drawing abreast of her, “you were brought blushing to Odin’s palace by your mother. I remember the day. How gangly you were in that linen gown. Not shy, but sullen. A daughter missing her father.”

“Then you will remember how we were both forced into marriage,” Sigyn said. She wiped viciously at her face, the pain in her nose growing, building to a shattering crescendo.

“Another of Odin’s gifts to me,” Loki said with a careless toss of his head.

Sigyn’s stomach clenched. “Unwanted, I am sure.”

Loki’s brow furrowed. He had been mindlessly shifting the little drifts of snow that escaped the fire’s heat with the toe of his right boot. Now he bent forward and scooped up a handful of the powder. “Unexpected, perhaps,” he replied, stretching his arm so that his fingers brushed her face. Carefully, and with an exquisite tenderness that made Sigyn’s skin prickle, he began to clean the blood from her face.

“Unexpected, yes,” Loki repeated. “But not, I daresay, unwanted.”

Sigyn blinked. The snow had a numbing effect on her injuries and she stood there dazed for a moment, caught in a rare scene of tranquility that seemed at once so foreign, but undeniably beautiful.

Slowly, as if in a daze, Sigyn tucked the shaft of her axe into her belt. She let her hand hang for a moment, as Loki continued to dab at her wounds, his fingers moving from her nose to her lips, the pad of his thumb pressed to her chin, his head drawing close, close enough to…

Close enough for Sigyn to wrap her free hand around his neck, giving his throat a rough squeeze before pitching him backwards. He did not stumble, exactly, but the heel of his boot grazed one of the burning logs, sending cinders and smoke spiraling into the air. For a precious instant, Sigyn thought she might have seen anger flair in Loki’s eyes. Or was it a trick of the light?

He recovered smoothly, though, as he always did, his easy smile pinned into place. “I have always admired your strength.”

“Why?” Sigyn raised her eyebrows. Her sore mouth was wet with snow. “I thought you preferred subjugation.”

Loki spread his arms, the gesture not meant to pacify, but to challenge. “That would be an insult to your character,” he said.

“Insult? Don’t patronize me, Loki. If you truly came all this way--back from death itself—to lick my wounds, I am not mollified, only disappointed.” When Sigyn finished speaking, Loki’s face went sharp, his defined cheekbones creating a hollow cast above his jawline.

“What is it you expect from me?” Loki asked. But then he paused and seemed to consider. “Or should I say, what is it you want from me, Sigyn?” he amended after a moment.

It happened then, in a moment of exquisite clarity, that Sigyn came to understand what it was she truly wanted. And the agony of it, she was convinced, would drive her mad, for it was nothing to be given, nothing to be begged or hoped for and certainly nothing Loki himself would find of worth.

Which would make her worthless in his eyes. She knew that. But standing at a crossroad, alone, so perilously alone, she was drawn to the idea of being needed. By him. Even if he was only her supposedhusband.

Briefly, Sigyn thought of lying to him, but even under Loki’s own tutelage some years ago, she had never become apt in the art. The truth, she thought, might even impress him more. It would be a gamble and she wasn’t prepared for this game now, she wasn’t prepared at all. Certainly not with Loki watching her and with all the years that had fallen to dust between them, separated by exile and even, perhaps, by death.

“I think,” Sigyn began, stumbling, furious with her hesitation. “I want nothing from you, Loki. If you have come here to repay a debt, I…” She paused, trying to use her anger and frustration to good purpose. “I never asked you for anything,” she finished defiantly.

“But does that mean you will not accept what I have to offer?” Loki stepped closer, as if he had suddenly seized something significant to him.  

Silence. Sigyn held her breath. She would be fooling herself to give in now, in the desperate, utterly weak way she wished to give in. If only she could surrender to what her heart had longed for, sundering the last threads of jealousy and suspicion and maybe, frankly, some hate that had surely sundered them as much as distance and time.

And there stood Loki, staring at her across the flames, his expression now so eager, the small, blue veins at his temple throbbing. Waiting, waiting for her to answer him…

Euphoria struck Sigyn, then. Because she realized, impossibly, improbably, she now had the upper hand. And that made her of worth.

Loki must know, she reasoned. Incredibly, he had given himself away and in exchange, she had bought herself some time.

“My horse,” she told him, drawing the hood of her cloak high over her head until it slipped down to her brow.

Loki’s eyes widened. “Your…horse?”

“He is lost in the woods and there are surely wolves-”

“You are going to--”

“Find my horse,” she told him. And then Sigyn turned her back on him and the firelight and whatever it was he thought he had to offer her, this supposed husband.

He could owe her this, she thought. A little recovered pride. A little time. A little chance to savor what was, in fact, a victory.

As Sigyn walked into the woods it began to snow again. She put her hands over her swollen mouth and covered her bruised smile.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow--Chapter 4-A Loki/Sigyn Fic

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Chapter Four--A Loki/Sigyn Fanfiction
Fandom: Avengers
Rating: PG-13 for some violence
Summary: When Loki is married, by Odin’s decree, to the plain-faced warrior goddess Sigyn, the Trickster God cleverly exiles his unwanted spouse from Asgard. But years later, with an army of Chitauri behind him, Loki realizes that his estranged wife may be the only one who can help him conquer all of Midgard.
Soundtrack: Because of You by Skunk Anansie
Chapter Image: Painted by the talented  Thank you!

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the characters and storylines associated with Marvel’s “The Avengers” comics and film. 

Author’s Note: Wow, I’m actually updating this fic nearly two years after I posted the last chapter. What can I say? I’m sorry. I had a case of illness-induced writer’s block. It’s starting to clear up now (the writer’s block, I mean) so I’m trying to stretch my extremely atrophied writing muscles again. I must admit, I fiddled and fussed over this chapter for a long, long, long time. Again, I apologize. I tend to hold on to things and have trouble letting go, I guess.

Anyway, the majority of this chapter was inspired by the reunion scene between Odysseus and Penelope in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. (Not that I am in anyway claiming this chapter could even compare to The Odyssey) As I recall for my Classical Lit class some years ago, Penelope did not greet her long-lost husband so warmly, but was rather stiff and suspicious with him, as Sigyn is with Loki. Rightly so, I might add, because he is the Trickster god, after all.

Well, I can’t promise the next chapter will be posted in a timely fashion, but I am working hard to get back into my writing, so fingers crossed! :D Thank you for reading and if you have a free moment, please comment. I’m always thrilled to hear from readers. 

You may find the previous chapters here:


Chapter One

Chapter Two




celticbard76's Profile Picture
Lee Anne
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I am a Brooklyn, NYC native, but I dream of Middle-Earth. I have a B.A. in history, my greatest passion, although I am also a devotee to literature (of almost any kind) and writing. I’m also a horror movie junkie and huge nerd for anything that involves fantasy. While I am certainly not a professional artist, I am a perfectionist and I take my hobbies very seriously. I am a crocheter and a cosplayer and absolutely obsessed with costuming.

Thanks so very much for visiting my page. If you have any questions or comments about the pieces in my gallery, please feel free to shoot me a note. I always love hearing from fellow deviants.

Amanthoniel-Behind the Scenes of Series One

Journal Entry: Tue May 6, 2014, 3:21 PM
Gallery l Favorites l Watch Me l My Etsy Store

Hello friends and fellow deviants!
Today I’m ringing all the church bells, blasting some music and doing a little happy dance because I’ve finally finished my first Amanthoniel cosplay. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so perhaps you guys might remember that some time ago that I embarked on the rather ambitious (an unrepentantly nerdy) project of cosplaying my LOTR original character, Amanthoniel. As I’ve discussed in a previous journal entry (see here), I created Amanthoniel some ten years ago, but was never able to find a suitable story for her, or any other artistic channel to bring her to life. But then, after ten years of keeping her floating in creative limbo, I started cosplaying and taking sewing lessons and I realized that I could tell her story in my own way. And so began my new costuming adventure. Thus far, I’ve been dedicating most of my free time to create a progressive series of cosplays that will not only depict Amanthoniel, but also include bits and pieces of her story.

While I started this project WAY back in October, RL and my continuing health issues hampered the process is almost every way unimaginable. But now, however, I am insanely happy to announce that the first cosplay is finished and will now by posted on DA. So yes, I am going quite berserk with joy. :D

All right, let’s get down to business. There are a few tidbits about the whole process of making Series One (as I’ve dubbed it) and Amanthoniel herself I’d like to share with you before I start submitting a bunch of shiny new deviations. First off, a little background info on Amanthoniel;

Amanthoniel is an original Elf character based on Tolkien’s universe. She is of Noldorin descent, lives in Middle Earth and comes from what we might describe as an upper class background. However, unlike the other few Noldor residing in Middle Earth (Galadriel, Glorfindel, etc.) her social standing is decidedly lower on the totem pole. She currently holds the position of Captain of the Galadhrim in Lothlorien, an office that is usually filled by the lower ranking Silvan Elves. In my fanon, she is the first Captain of Lothlorien under Galadriel and Celeborn’s rule, a role that will, in time, be passed on to the Silvan Elf, Haldir.

However, what she otherwise lacks in the overall Eldar hierarchy of Middle-Earth, she attempts to compensate for by being a skilled warrior and military tactician, which helps land her the job as Captain in the first place. Fittingly, this first cosplay is focused on her duties as commanding officer of the Lothlorien Guard and set early in the Third Age, when her career has just about reached its zenith. Each photo, therefore, documents Amanthoniel’s annual spring journey to scout the most distant borders of Lothlorien and is also accompanied by a short entry from her personal journal detailing the particulars of her trip.

Well, now that I’ve given you a bit of her biography, I’d like to blab about the technical aspects of this cosplay that have kept me busy as bee these last seven months.

The main concept of this costume was inspired by Haldir’s garb in FOTR. The tunic Amanthoniel wears in grey linen, with criss-crossing, pintucked flaps that are connected at the shoulders and hang in loose spirals down the back, creating a “winged” effect. While making this tunic, I tried to focus on both functionality and femininity, without making the piece too elaborate. As a result, only the undertunic and leggings sport decorative gold leaf trim, a small symbol of her status as Captain.

The boots, likewise, were also made by me, based on Arwen’s riding boots in FOTR. To make them, I took an old pair of boots and covered them in faux leather to hide the side-zipper and added laces to the back.

The scabbard I made as well, using Worbla to make the silver ornaments and painting the plastic base to look like leather. Additionally, I made the leather sword belt, although I should note that I did not make the silver buckle (that comes courtesy of TheIronRing) nor the sword (custom-made by Dekokatana for me).

And there you have it folks, the first in what should be a long series of Amanthoniel cosplays. May I repeat: YAY!!!

All right, all right, enough chatting. I think I managed to bore even myself with all these long-winded details. In any case, I really hope you guys like this cosplay. It was certainly a lot of hard work, but I enjoyed every minute of it. ;) Until next time!

Lee Anne (aka celticbard76)

PS I’ll be submitting one deviation a day for a week so that you might better follow Amanthoniel’s progression on her springtime journey into the Wild.

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